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The Challenges of Encouraging My Family to Ditch the Junk and Eat REAL Food



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Hello and welcome to Food Fit For life!

My name is Wendy James, I am a registered nurse with an interest in nutrition and it’s affect on health. I live on the coast in Plymouth (UK). I am married to Stuart and we have 3 children aged 14, 12 and 7 years.

My interest in low-carb eating began with a goal to encourage Stuart to lose weight and reverse Type 2 diabetes. This is still a work in progress! However in the process of trying to improve my family’s diet by reducing high carbohydrate and processed foods I was able to effortlessly return to my pre-baby weight…a very happy side effect! I wasn’t overweight but I began at the high end of the BMI for my height and am now comfortably at the lower end of ideal and feel great.

I could go back to my previous eating habits but I really don’t want to!

I feel fantastic and there is no processed high-carb food out there that would taste better than this feeling! I have switched to eating REAL foods and found some delicious healthy recipes to replace the processed junk foods.

My family are taking baby steps in the right direction, gradually replacing sugary processed foods with items cooked from scratch. It’s not always easy but the results are so worth it! I truly believe low-carb to be the healthier for all the family.

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